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Fall, my favorite

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Fall is the best, isn't it?  It's getting chilly, there's a fire in the woodstove sometimes, you get to wear your wool sweaters...also, soup.




This fall is pretty full for me.  I had a booth at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine in September. The Common Ground Fair is a big deal for Maine.  This was it's 43rd annual fair, and it is put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association.  That means that all the food there is organic and mostly local, and the items you can purchase from vendors are very local and produced by local people.  When I sell yarn and wool there, it all must be sourced in Maine, and I try to use a lot of regional dyes, like walnut, goldenrod and sumac, and some that we've grown like indigo, madder and marigold.  The yarn I had this year is a lovely fingering weight yarn I had spun in Northern Maine from local CVM wool.  I love it and will likely hoard the leftovers.    I met lots of great people and sold lots of dyes, yarn and sheepskins.  It's one of the highlights of my year, the people, the food, the wool all of it.  But now that it's over, I'm turning my attention to October, which has me heading back to Rhinebeck after a few year's hiatus.  I'm teaching 3 workshops there:  Natural Dye Rainbow,  The Kitchen Dyepot, and Make it Madder.  Can't wait.  



After Rhinebeck, I'm heading straight to SAFF right outside Asheville, NC.  I'm teaching 4 classes at SAFF, All day Indigo Party, Natural Dye Rainbow, Yellow and Blue make Green, and Make it Madder.  So. Much. Mordanting.  That's ok, I love mordanting and am super anal about it.  



What makes these 2 back to back teaching events stressful is that I have to ship all my stuff to SAFF BEFORE I leave for Rhinebeck, so it's crunch time to get materials for SEVEN workshops ready and out the door.  Did I mention that all my kids are athletes and I also have to sit at 57 field hockey and or soccer games every week?  


What a life.  Who am I going to see at Rhinebeck and SAFF???


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