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Maryland Sheep and Wool 2019

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I had a busy week last week.  For the fourth time I was invited to teach Natural Dyeing at the  Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  For those of you that don't know, the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest is perhaps the biggest wool fest in the country, certainly on the East Coast.  If you've never been, you should put it on your list.  There are amazing vendors, excellent workshops and seriously nice wool.  Also the team of volunteers that run the festival are the premier sheep experts of the country, and they really know their stuff.  All in all, it's an A+ event.
I taught 4 different workshops, 3 about using a bunch of natural dyes on yarn, and 1 about Indigo, but that one used mostly fabric because we were studying shibori.  The weather mostly held out and we killed it in the dyepots, making over 55 colors over 3 days.  I met some wonderful people, and got to spend time with the other fiber arts instructors which is always a bonus of these teaching gigs.  
I taught from Wednesday through Saturday, and on Sunday morning I took a quick spin around the festival.  I did a little shopping, a little visiting, and then hightailed it to the airport to get back to Maine because I had a hot date with some knitting designers that afternoon.  
If you follow me in Instagram you may know that I have an obsession with Isabell Kraemer.  I think she is a brilliant designer and pattern writer and I love her aesthetic.  We have done some work together professionally when I worked for a different yarn company, but we have never met in person.  (she lives in Germany).  Anyway, she was teaching a retreat in Freeport with my pal Ann Budd, and I was invited to dinner on Isabell's last night in town.  Yes!  Here we are, gush, gush, gush.  
So then I went home to my studio for one hot minute to regroup for a bonus workshop for Ann Budd's retreat, which of course was my pleasure because I love her too.  We had a good time making all the wine reds, plums and purples in class and then we went over to the local yarn shop for some real actual wine which was perfect.  
Here is Ann and I getting ready to dye with some onion skins.  I look insane probably because I'd been teaching for a thousand days straight.  
Ann's yarn hanging in the hotel shower....
Always a pleasure Ann!  BTW, Ann throws a hell of a retreat, and does a few per year all over the country (and Canada!).  If you are able, you should try and make one, the teachers are amazing, there's great food, and the wine is flowing.  Also knitting.  Lots of knitting.  Check it out here.
Upcoming stuff!  I'm hanging with my best dye friend Amy Lou at Craftwork Somerville on Saturday May 18.  Her space is amazing and there may be a spot or 2 left in the workshop.  We get really nerdy when we talk about dyes, but it's just practice for our imaginary podcast Live and Let Dye.  
Then a one day Shibori Indigo Party at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. 
I'll update for June events shortly.  I'm trying to be a better website manager over here! 

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